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Decriminalising Bounced Cheques: New Year’s Legal Update Webinar Series

Chatura Randeniya

A number of significant developments were introduced over the last few months which impact doing business in the UAE as well as the wider region. Developments include the recent decriminalisation of bounced cheques.


The session, hosted by Chatura Randeniya (partner), included:


  • An in-depth overview of Federal Decree No.14/2020;
  • Drawing a cheque due to lack of funds is no longer a crime;
  • Still crimes: everything else;
  • Additional Punishment;
  • Is a cheque still valuable as security?;
  • Partial payment; and
  • The treatment of ongoing cases for dishonoured cheques filed before 2 January 2022


Click Here for the webinar recording.

Date & Time

25 January 2022 | 05:00pm
25 January 2022 | 06:00pm


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Samera Marei at +971 4 330 3900

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