Legal Information

Afridi & Angell Professional Corporation is a professional corporation established in Ontario, Canada, and is licensed to practice law in Ontario, Canada. Afridi & Angell Legal Consultants is a professional partnership established in Dubai, UAE, and is licensed to provide legal services in Dubai, UAE.


Afridi & Angell is the name and brand under which each of Afridi & Angell Professional Corporation and Afridi & Angell Legal Consultants provide services in their respective jurisdictions. However, Afridi & Angell Professional Corporation and Afridi & Angell Legal Consultants operate and carry on business as independent and autonomous entities.  They are not one international partnership, and are not under common control or management, and neither is permitted to act on the other’s behalf.


Information about the name of clients and the nature of the work done for clients will be shared between Afridi & Angell entities for the purpose of conflict checking, compliance, financial planning, billing, business development and matter management.


This website contains general information and, while Afridi & Angell endeavours to ensure that the content is accurate, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to its accuracy or completeness and therefore the information on this website should not be relied upon. The contents of this website should not be construed as legal or other professional advice and Afridi & Angell disclaims liability for any loss, howsoever caused, arising directly or indirectly from reliance on the information on this website.


If you contact any Afridi & Angell personnel, such contact does not constitute an engagement unless and until we issue our engagement letter to you and you accept it and our terms of engagement. Pre-engagement communications will not obligate us in any way, and you are not entitled to rely upon the content of any such pre-engagement communication.