Private Equity in the United Arab Emirates: Market and Regulatory Overview

A Q&A guide to private equity law in the United Arab Emirates.


The Q&A gives a high level overview of the key practical issues including the level of activity and recent trends in the market; investment incentives for institutional and private investors; the mechanics involved in establishing a
private equity fund; equity and debt finance issues in a private equity transaction; issues surrounding buyouts and the relationship between the portfolio company’s managers and the private equity funds; management incentives; and exit routes from investments. Details on national private equity and venture capital associations are also included.

Fintech (UAE chapter), International Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG)

In addition to the UAE, which we have contributed for the third year, this guide covers a broad range of common issues in fintech laws and regulations in 41 jurisdictions. Areas covered in the guide include the fintech landscape, funding for fintech, fintech regulation, other regulatory regimes / non-financial regulation, accessing talent, and technology.

Shipping (UAE chapter), Lexology Getting The Deal Through

This globally relevant Q&A of Lexology, Getting The Deal Through, focuses on key questions centered around Shipping in the United Arab Emirates. Some topics covered include; shipping registration and mortgages, limitation of liability, ship arrest, judicial sale of vessels and many more.

Lending and taking security in the United Arab Emirates: overview

A Q&A guide to lending and taking security in the United Arab Emirates. The Q&A gives a high level overview of the lending market, forms of security over assets, special purpose vehicles in secured lending, quasi-security, guarantees, and loan agreements. It covers creation and registration requirements for security interests; problem assets over which security is difficult to grant; risk areas for lenders; structuring the priority of debt; debt trading and transfer mechanisms; agent and trust concepts; enforcement of security interests and borrower insolvency; cross-border issues on loans; taxes; and proposals for reform.

LexisNexis UAE Managing Partner Report 2023

The 2023 UAE Managing Partner Report is here!


Brought to you by LexisNexis Middle East and supported by Abu Dhabi Global Market, this year’s report titled, ‘Where the Future is Still Bright’, is packed with positive growth and optimism in the UAE legal market.


Bashir Ahmed shares his insights on the growing compliance landscape in the UAE legal market. Read his interview by downloading the PDF.

Arbitration (UAE chapter), Lexology Getting The Deal Through

This Q&A provides a multi-jurisdictional in-depth understanding of Arbitration. This particular chapter explores the UAE process and challenges faced when considering Arbitration as a course of action. The chapter covers a broad spectrum of truths, a sample of topics covered are as follows; laws and institutions, arbitral proceedings, jurisdiction and competence of arbitral tribunal, interim measures and sanctioning powers and updates and trends.

Lex Mundi’s 2023 Cross-Border Transactions Global M&A Trends Report

This report is produced by the Lex Mundi Cross-Border Transactions (CBT) Group. The CBT Group provides access to the experienced, top-tier legal advice clients require to expand their operations and investments into global markets.  The report sets out Lex Mundi’s member firms’ insights and predictions for 2023 in respect of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), including key concerns facing M&A practitioners across various regions (including the Middle East and Africa, Asia and the pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean) and a look back and look forward on deal activity by market segment and sector.

Foreign Investment Review (UAE chapter), Lexology Getting The Deal Through

A broad-ranging, multinational view of domestic governments’ powers to control and block foreign investment. Expert local insight in jurisdictions worldwide, covering: an overview of law and policy towards oversight of foreign investment, powers of the regulators to intervene on national interest grounds and threshold issues, procedure: notification and filing submissions, timelines for clearance, regulatory guidance, lobbying, assessment: tests for clearance, interagency and international consultation, remedies and appeals and detailed analysis of recent leading case law.

The Mergers & Acquisitions Review, 16th Edition – The Law Reviews

The Mergers & Acquisitions Review provides a practical overview of global M&A activity and the legal and regulatory frameworks governing M&A transactions in major jurisdictions worldwide. With a focus on recent developments and trends, it examines key issues including relevant competition, tax and employment law considerations; financing; due diligence; and much more.