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International Trade Controls and Sanctions

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Advising several clients in various industries on sanctions with Qatar since the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt severed diplomatic ties with Qatar on 5 June 2017. Our advice included such areas as banking, force majeure, shipping and the movement of goods as well as how investments may be affected in the UAE and what steps are available for businesses to take from a legal perspective.

Advising a multinational engineering and design firm on compliance with economic sanctions and embargoes.

Advising a global distributor of plastic raw materials on UN sanctions as they applied to certain transactions with resellers.

Advising an American global aerospace and defense technology company in connection with the UAE law regarding FCPA.

Advising a global power conversion specialist on corporate restructuring to ensure compliance with any applicable Iranian sanctions.

Advising an international bank concerning banks in the UAE which are on the OFAC SDN Sanction List.

Advising a manufacturer of coaches, buses and trucks based in North Africa on securing UN Sanctions Committee approval for sale of trucks to Iraq.

Advising a global pharmaceutical and medication delivery company in connection with sanctions on Libya.

Advising a global oilfield services company on UAE implementation of UN sanctions against Iran.

Providing regular review and advice on how existing policies and practices of multinationals must be adapted to comply with UAE laws.